Delina De Marly Perfume

Delina De Marly Perfume Review – Is It Worth the $200 Price Tag?

Before you rush out to buy this perfume, take a moment to read this article and review it. We’ll cover the scent, the packaging, and whether or not it is worth the price tag.

The scent and packaging

A lot of people don’t think of this when they’re choosing a product. One of the reasons why people buy a product is because they like its scent and packaging. It can also be the difference between someone buying your product or not. It’s important to consider the packaging and scent of a product when marketing it.

I analyzed 19 perfumes by analyzing data from Amazon’s perfume rating page and PerfumeLab. This data includes data on scent, marketing, store, and price.

Here are the results using two different methods:

Staying true to my original goal of finding out which fragrances are the best products for women, I excluded products with similar scents which crept in because all of the reviewers mentioned it.

I chose 9 absolute best sellers that had similar scents across all reviewers. These 9 fragrances outsell almost all the base fragrances other than lilac, which I highly recommend. Certain fragrances like sandalwood will be for you, and not due to being cheap, but their unique smell.

Amazon says Sandalwood + earthy leans more masculine and comforting.

Delina De Marly Perfume Review

Is the perfume worth the money?

The first step to decide whether a perfume is worth the money is to look at the ingredients on the label. If you see natural ingredients like essential oils, then you’re probably getting a high-quality product. 

If you see a long list of chemicals, then it’s probably a low-quality product. Once you find the ingredients you like the most, here are your key questions to ask.

Many perfumes are infused with flavouring ingredients. These are solid or liquid particles that do most of the work. They provide notes of vanilla or almond or lavender and an aroma that you or I can only describe as “mouthwatering.” For example, Fresh Juicy Eau is a strawberry-based perfume. On some level, that fragrance is delicious—but it tends to give me a sore throat if I drink too much alcohol.

If you’re not sure how a fragrance will smell to you, or if your favourite isn’t listed, there are a myriad of internet sites (like where you can personalize it.

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If you want to buy this perfume, I suggest getting a sample first to test out the scent. You might like it, but you might not, and $200 is a lot of money to spend on something that may or may not work for you. Sample it out before taking the plunge!


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