Aqua Blue Ombre Hair Colour Freedom Review

Aqua Blue Ombre Hair & Colour Freedom Review

Hello, beautiful people of the Internet. I am merely bean and welcome back or welcome to my blog. So today we are discussing colour freedom review. I got this sort of blue on grey hair, which is washed.

I’m a little bit annoying, but I can liken the way it looks the minute and the colour freedom range, which I’ve used a lot of dyes on and I have no idea why I haven’t done a review article on them before. So I’m just going to briefly Tuqay three, hard to get a blue ombre hair.

First off, kind of just say that blue hair has been my favourite colour of hair. I’ve gone through many hair colours, which I’ll probably pop up on the screen. Blue has been the best one in more ways than one. But my favourite way is probably the reason a lot of people don’t like it is that it clings like hell to your hair. So it’s really hard to watch it. But for me, that is perfect because I have probably the hair.

Colour Freedom Review

I want to keep it for a while. So I watch this like loads of quotes hoping that up. It’s still pretty darn blue and I’m happy with that. So, yes, when the time comes to change it, I’m not I don’t want blue hair anymore. Illinois me. But right now I am perfect and I’m happy with it. Calling it in there to get this early OMB to look it was easy as pie.

I used a very minimal on my things and I’m gonna show you the knife. I used these two-colour freedom colours. This one is truly blue. This one is Tropical Aqua NOI. Hi. I got this ombre effect is I use the true blue. No. The only other thing you need is conditioner. Any white Preben is unselfish for your conditioner. It will normally work if it’s not part of an assault it free the dye might have problems sticking to your hair.

So yes, just as long as it’s white, it’s Pavon free. I tend to avoid ones with peppermint oil and things like that. End it because they tend to be stripping for your hair. So I think the one I used was like a coconut on the shea butter, one that was Pavon and sulfate-free. And again, was bright, white and colour. So it’s perfect to mix wealthy’s. So I use this along with a bit of conditioner for the red colour.

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I used a mixture of two of these. I’ll put more conditioner in for the middle colour. And then I use mainly this with a teensy bit of this, a crap little conditioner for the end colour. So basically what you want to do is have three separate bulls or what perfect to use. And then I use a lot of the time is takeaway containers. If you’ve had those lines around your house and so you need three, you put each of your separate colours in each one, just whatever kind of shit you like.

Just remember, if you have a yellowy toned blonde that you’re coming from like I did, then you’ll need to keep them slightly darker because with blue hair if you have any kind of yellowy, you’ll seem like it goes kind of like a green aqua colour and onto those yellow blue parts. That’s it. Then you just separate your hair like you would if you’re straight in on it. So I did look under here on Siegert and like Little Rose and I would put the colour on first all the way around.

Then I put the slightly darker colour second and little strips like I’m taking those little strips this size and do the Ritz, then do the second colour and then again do this and just do this the whole way up or on your head. And eventually, you get to this weird little bit, which I kind of like, flick forward and do that the same way the whole way up. You get this on Breth Fact, which is perfect for me. The only thing I’ve had to top up is my roots, which is perfect.

This truly believes a bit of conditioner on. Just put it on my wrists and just kind of try and fit it with. And this little brushwood is from Superdrug and little pots from Superdrug called Freedom’s actually from Superdrug again. Once again, everything from a super drunk in my article. Yes, I did. She is the one brush on that worked fine with the three different pots. I normally use my hands to get the colour and the hair, but that’s it.

It was pretty much easy to do. I’m doing my retinoids pretty easy as well. I always like to have hurt. So to top it up, if you’re doing good on the break, all you can do is separate this section. Take these to low side bits. And just whenever you’re doing your roots, just these parts because it’s fine.

Aqua Blue Ombre Hair

No one sees the underside of my hair.

Anyway, a little overview of colour freedom. I always go back to these four pastels on coloured hair. They are so good on really good value for money and all those previous hair colours that I stuck up. I used colour freedom for those. The only one I didn’t. Was whenever I had that silvery grey-blue colour, which was the pixie lot. I give it a good review. But I feel like I didn’t have it on my hair for long enough because that washed out super quickly.

Like it lasted maybe like after warm wash, it was nearly all gone. So I just went and bought. Michael, our freedom straight after, because I know that it’s good. I know they’re really good product and they know that the dyes do cling to your hair any time they ever seem to wash it quickly. Is it ever had the light colours, which is like peach and stuff that me and myself, but that’s going to happen because they’re liked anyway, so they’re going to wash it sooner?

But this blue has been amazing, like a good blue dye. They’re clucking. They cluck. They clung to my hair. And yes, colour freedom is an amazing range. You can find them, Superdrug in stores and online. I highly recommend them. But yes, just remember, if you’re going for a bully, it’s a lot harder to get like I did all those colours before. And they’re easy enough to get it because warmer tones like pink, pink and purple and peach are a lot easier to get out of your hair.

These kilotons, like blues and greens and stuff like that, are a lot harder to get out. Every Harris, if you’re wanting to die a lot as I did previously, your best not going for a blade because it gets stuck right in there into the hair shaft. But if you’re like me and you can’t be bothered dying your hair every like flipping four or five washes like I was having to do previously. Then blue is the perfect colour. It is the minimum amount of top-ups required of any of the colours that I’ve gotten before.

Yes, I recommend it. I love it. I think it’s it’s my skin tone a lot better than the warmer colours said. So I think I’m going to stick with colour tones for a good while.

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