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How To Choose The Perfect Diamond For Your Wedding Ring?

“Shopping for a Wedding ring can be a pleasant but stressful experience.”

Wedding rings have a deep feeling attached to them; it is something permanent just like the relationship you are going to have with your significant other. While selecting the ring you need to be mindful of many things. You need to pick the perfect shape, colour, quality of the cut, and clarity of the stone. Then comes the weight/carat of the diamond. While you may have selected the perfect diamond then you need to decide on what metal would suit the best.

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Since you may be buying the ring to surprise your significant other with the most heartfelt proposal, you need to keep the factor of absolutely comfortable sizing in consideration. You also need to figure out what shape will suit best the hand of your partner because not all shapes may look good on one’s hand. As seeing all these considerations, it is not wrong to say that one may feel very overwhelmed and stressed about picking up the right choice.

Sadly, blogs that share Wedding ring guides just use fancy and vague terms like “vibe” and “aesthetics” to tell a man or woman what to focus on while shopping for the ring which ends up making the person even more confused.

One needs to feel confident of their choice while giving the ring to the love of their life. Fortunately, finding that one perfect ring made for your lover is not that difficult to find, with the right guidance you can find the ring that will forever amaze your partner and they would love it every time they see it on his/her hand.

You can do the shopping for a beautiful Classic Wedding ring on your own without associating many people’s opinions with it.

Below we have curated the most helpful guide that will allow you to find the adorable ring for the person of your dreams. Even if you already have the inspiration or ideas for what you are looking for or starting from the starting line, our pointers will guide you into understanding the perfect cut, shape, and design, and budget considerations.

Let’s start by learning the tips that will help you in buying the Wedding ring without much stress.

Decide on the budget:

It’s understandable how one can feel stressed while deciding the budget for such an important occasion because nothing may seem to impress people around you and you can not ask for guidance or support from your partner as you may want to surprise her. A lot of people mistake in going by the old traditional sayings by people and jewellery store owner that at least you should spend your two to three months salary on a Wedding ring, or a modern beautiful Wedding ring is the one that is the most expensive. Well, all these statements and sayings are just gimmicks made by people and diamond store owners to create a trend of making people spend thousands of dollars on a Wedding ring.

The whole occasion may be a very important sentiment for you and your partner but you need to be practical in your choices. Decide a budget that does not put a strain on your financial situation because when you plan on spending the rest of your lives together it may get very costly. That is why choose a ring that also allows you to stay financially stable while keeping in mind the choice of your partner this way your focus will be on making your partner happy not the world.

What’s her style?

The second and the most important step is to detect what are the likings of your partner, what does she usually wear? What is her personality like? Does she like the floral, bold, or classy type of jewelry? This will serve as a foundation of your choice ultimately. Get to know her preferences, does she prefer white gold? Rose gold? Or yellow gold? Is she or he into more vintage looks or do they like to stay in trend and modernity?

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You can inspect their drawers where they keep accessories to get an idea as to what does she like. For instance, if you see more floral pieces in her accessories then go for ornate or halo ring style. You can also take help from his or her family and friends to know about their style or you just can be in luck to find someone in her close relations to whom she/he has shared about her likings.

Picking the right shape:

There is no wrong or right in picking out the shape of the diamond, it depends on your personal preferences. You need to decide on what will suit your budget and look beautiful in the hand of your partner. The main factor here is the personality of your partner for instance if your partner is into florals and looks for something subtle and soft then go for beautiful heart-shaped to oval-shaped diamonds. If they prefer bold and classy then opt for solitaire or cushion cut shaped rings. Marquise and emerald cut are for those who are looking for a larger-sized diamond. Choose the shape of the diamond first confidently because that will help you decide on what should be the ideal setting for the diamond of your choice. You need to make sure the shape is perfect for the setting you choose.

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Decide on the setting:

There is an ideal setting out there for every type of shape of diamond you choose, from simple cushion cut diamond to emerald you can find just the right setting for your ring.

Keep the lifestyle of your partner in mind, if your significant other has hands-on work then go for something like a flush or bezel setting.

Purchasing a Wedding ring for your significant other should not be a stressful event because at the end of it your relationship with your significant other is what matters the most and by applying our simple tips you will be able to find the perfect ring for your partner.

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