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Catapult CMS: The Best K12 CMS for Schools

If you’re looking for a k12 CMS that is easy to use and efficient, then Catapult CMS is the right choice for you. This content management system was designed specifically for schools, and it allows anyone – from teachers to technology directors – to control and update website content quickly and easily. With three levels of rollbacks for error recovery, Catapult CMS makes it easy for even the most hesitant of users to make changes to their website content. So if you’re looking for a k12 CMS that is simple to operate and integrates changes quickly, Catapult CMS is the right choice for you!

Why Is Catapult The Best CMS For Schools?

Catapult CMS is a k12 cms that’s simple to navigate and efficient. It was created particularly for schools, so it allows anybody from teachers to IT directors to manage and update website content quickly and easily. Catapult CMS makes it simple for even the most cautious user to post material with ease thanks to three levels of rollbacks in case of error recovery.

Intuitive Designs

The Cambria iteration of the Catapult K12 CMS has a unified graphic design, with variants that distinguish the site while still maintaining a coherent overall appearance for the District and its schools. With images that load rapidly, it’s professional, uncluttered, and viewer-friendly. It should be no surprise that a school website CMS is this way.

Easy to Use CMS

School websites may be rapidly updated with the help of our easy-to-use CMS for schools (Content Management System). Non-technical staff can enter and update content using the word processing skills they already have, without having to learn HTML, software, or any other complicated procedures.

Ada Compliant

Our HTML ADA-compliant templates begin our ADA-certified procedure. Then we check and modify your material to ensure it meets the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act’s accessibility requirements. Last but not least, we’ve modified our school CMS so that website maintainers are forced to keep the site accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Our K12 CMS Services Accommodate a Spectrum of Academic Needs.

All of our k12 cms packages are based on the same industry-leading technology. The difference is in the amount of customization, site design, and support levels that you need. We offer k12 CMS services to accommodate your needs from simple updates to completely customized websites. Our k12 cms for schools will meet all your K12 website management needs!

When considering a content management system (CMS) or k12 website solution, it’s important that they can perform as well as they look. Catapult’s k12 school CMS offers an attractive interface with clean navigation so visitors can find what they need quickly and easily – but there are also many other features built into the back end which make it one of the best K12 CMS platforms on the market.


The ADA Compliance Service from The Catapult content management system is now available to assist our clients and avoid litigation. You’ll collaborate with Catapult to design a monthly plan that works for your school district. School districts must follow WCAG 2.1 Level AA requirements for audits. The more your content varies, the less likely you are to spot errors as they develop. For example, proper headings must be used to avoid mistakes, links must have unique and descriptive names, tables must adhere to specific requirements, papers must adhere to ADA standards, empty links and headers must be fixed or removed, and videos must be captioned correctly. Catapult’s monthly accessibility audit can assist you in maintaining ADA compliance.


Developing a website’s structure and text is both time-consuming and stressful. Allow us to perform this difficult work for you instead of clogging up your already busy personnel. Our professional staff has years of expertise building well-structured K12 websites. They will first examine your current website before developing it. Then you’ll meet with the copywriter to establish your content needs. Typical projects last anywhere from 10 to 30 hours. This is, by far, the most efficient service we provide in terms of finishing your project faster and producing a more comprehensive website as a result. We feel that all school CMS websites should be built like this.


Your current website will be dismantled, reconstructed, and then reassembled on your new Catapult K12 CMS. We’ll take care of collecting all crucial information from your old site and migrating it into your new Catapult K12 CMS. We make sure that all of your important content is properly transferred to your new Cat catapult website.


Every school or district has its own set of requirements for a K12 web solution. We provide a wide range of optional services to assist you in achieving your objectives. Custom design, HTML and CSS; special effects; header and footer customization; content area restyling – these are just a few of the bespoke services available to you. At the start or as you go along, your Catapult K12 project manager and dedicated web designer will be there to help add functionality and excitement to your Catapult K12 website.


Recognizing that obtaining board approval for little website modifications may be a stumbling block for schools, Catapult K12 school website CMS provides Service Packs that you may use as desired. Request custom features, template changes, special effects, artwork, and more with your prepaid Service Pack hours. We think all cms school websites should have these capabilities. It’s another excellent feature from Catapult K12 that helps you do your work more smoothly.

Easy, Powerful School CMS

Catapult K12 school website CMS gives you the power to add and update content on your k-12 website in real-time. And with our easy-to-use, intuitive interface, there’s virtually no learning curve — so you can get started immediately!

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