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5 Examples Of Brilliant Beauty Product Packaging

Product packaging is all around us. Needed to protect products and to display relevant information, folding box packaging is an everyday part of modern life. That is not to say, however, that product packaging should be uninteresting. Often, product packaging can help to increase the desirability of products and encourage consumers to part with more of their hard-earned cash.

By creating unique product packaging, marketers can successfully position everyday products as luxurious, must-have items that we simply can’t resist. Brilliant product packaging effectively tells a story about the product, the brand, or the consumer, and evokes a reaction from each and every consumer that invites them to make a purchase.

What Is Luxury Packaging?

Luxury packaging is a significant part of a brand’s image. Often used for premium products at a higher price point, luxury packaging convinces consumers that products are deserving of a higher price point. Associated with gifting and unboxing, luxury packaging also creates an exclusive experience that customers know and love.

Due to its quality, durability and competitive price point, folding box board (FBB) packaging is a popular option for luxury packaging. The design opportunities for folding box packaging are second to none with almost unlimited scope for styles, shapes and designs. A highly adaptable and flexible packaging option, folding box board packaging is suited to a wide variety of brands, industries and products.

What Are Some Examples Of Successful Product Packaging?

From lunch box inspired packaging housing homemade cookies to coffin-shaped anti-smoking packs, there is no limit to cool packaging ideas. In fact, brilliant product packaging is everywhere. Whether it be humorous or hard-hitting, the most successful product packaging is visually appealing, interesting and prompts customers to make a purchase.

L’Occitane A-Frame Homme Boxes

Looking for unique product packaging to contain two products, L’Occitane opted for A-frame folding box packaging. Despite a restricted budget and intricate requirements, L’Occitane’s folding box board manufacturers created a unique and interesting box that exceeded all expectations. With a crash-lock glued base, L’Occitane’s folding box board suppliers combined functionality with an aesthetically pleasing design. More interesting than a typical box shape, the A-frame carton also features distinctive artwork to further elevate the visual appeal. Complete with matt lamination, L’Occitane’s box board packaging is an example of a successful packaging design that appeals to the right target market.

BlinkBrowBar (BBB London) Christmas Cracker

BlinkBrowBar (BBB London) Christmas Cracker

Another example of cool product packaging includes BlinkBrowBar’s Christmas folding box packaging, inspired by the novelty item that takes pride of place on the Christmas table: the Christmas cracker! Designed to emphasise the tradition of gifting, BBB London’s Christmas cracker boxes are fun, quirky and the perfect representative of gifting. Made from 300gsm Arktika and secured with a hexagonal glued side seam, the box board packaging creates a novel shape that is certainly distinct on a retail shelf. Complete with matte lamination, silver foiled logo and a grosgrain ribbon, the cracker is a premium and cool packaging idea that is deserving of a strong shelf presence.

Debenhams Megaday Box

Debenhams Megaday Box

To effectively market their products in the midst of the countless promotions offered as a part of Debenhams Megaday bonanza, L’Occitane needed effective and successful packaging to help them stand out from the crowd.

Opting for a gift box with a more unique style, L’Occitane collaborated with their folding boxboard supplier to design and produce a book-style box with a front opening door. Made using a 600mic white folding boxboard for both carton and fitment and 90mic film for the window, L’Occitane’s folding box board manufacturer took extra care during the design and sampling stages to ensure each product remained securely in place. Each book-style box was then reinforced with a gloss lamination to ensure durability as well as aesthetic appeal.

Printed in full colour, L’Occitane’s Mega day Box is one of many cool packaging design ideas that was made to a tight budget without compromising on quality nor functionality.

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L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Box

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Box - 1

Launching a new range, J’Adore Cherry Blossom, L’Occitane required a substantial yet visually appealing box to contain several products from the range. The finished folding box packaging design is romantic and feminine with muted, pastel pink prints and delicate artwork to reflect the unique fragrance of the product range. Designed as a slipcase box that opens on a vertical side to reveal a rigid drawer, the Cherry Blossom box is an example of luxury product packaging that has been executed beautifully.

Despite its delicate design, the box is sturdy enough to contain shower gel, body lotion and hand cream.

Prince And Sons Retail Tea Boxes

A retail tea brand with a passion for unique blends, Prince and Sons’ products are subject to an exhaustive process that settles for no less than perfection. As a start-up company with a minimum order quantity and tight budget, Prince and Sons worked tirelessly with their packaging supplier to produce premium folding box packaging that reflects the luxury of their tea blends.

Using 450mic folding box board material and a crash-lock base carton, the box manufacturers created a durable and functional packaging solution that is well-suited to a retail environment. Complete with silver foiling, matt lamination and oval cut-out, Prince and Sons’ retail tea boxes are a brilliant reflection of the premium brand.

Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Products

With a team devoted to providing exceptional customer care, Maxipos is the number one provider of luxury product packaging in the UK. Collaborating with an established global manufacturing base, Maxipos is a premium supplier that delivers brilliant product packaging to suit each and every brand’s needs.

The best folding boxboard suppliers work with brands from all different industries to create packaging solutions for all types of products. Great luxury box manufacturers will provide hands-on support at all stages of the contract to create packaging that resonates with consumers. From specification to design, sampling to production, the right folding boxboard manufacturer will support you in choosing suitable packaging for your products.

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