9 Best Cantu Shampoo and conditioner

9 Best Cantu Shampoo and conditioner for Natural Hair

Cantu allows you to embrace the beautiful you. With superior quality and results, Cantu brings a new definition to natural beauty and personal care. Cantu brand, one of the largest hair care manufacturers in the world. Cantu shampoo and conditioner will clean your hair while keeping it healthy from root to tip. In addition, it will leave you with beautiful, frizz-free locks.

All of Cantu’s hair products, including their Shampoo and Conditioner. All products are sulfate, silicone, paraben, and mineral oil-free. They also don’t test on animals. This shampoo and conditioner smell great; in fact, it could double as a body wash. However, it’s perfect for curly hair. The silicones in this product make it inappropriate for those with straight hair.

In this article, I will list the 12 best shampoos and conditioners for natural & curly hair.

5 Best Cantu Shampoos for Natural/Curly Hair

Cantu Shea Butter Color Protecting Shampoo

Cantu Shea Butter Color Protecting Shampoo

Cantu Shea Butter Color Protecting Shampoo uses natural ingredients to reduce colour fade while it cleans without colour. The shampoo leaves hair feeling healthy but not weighed down. Its body-loving formula also leaves hair full of body and shine.

Key ingredients 

For moisturizing, repairing and protecting locks: avocado and shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.

Reduce damage from UV rays: jojoba oil

This gentle shampoo keeps your colour vibrant while nourishing your strands with a rich blend of antioxidants – making it a perfect fit for women that colour their hair at home.


  • Use the shampoo for coloured and chemically treated hair
  • It contains shea butter which prevents damage to these types of hair
  • It’s easy to make use of since it has a creamy texture

Cantu flaxseed smoothing shampoo

Cantu flaxseed smoothing shampoo is designed to remove product buildup and frizz with no heavy residue. Our formulas are paraben free and made with organic ingredients. They’re 100% sulfate free, colour-safe, and safe for chemically treated hair.

Not only is our shampoo sulfate-free, but it’s also Paraben-Free! Our non-greasy formula provides gentle cleansing while repairing dry, damaged hair to its healthiest state. Cantu uses various natural and effective ingredients such as hemp seed oil, lemon tea tree oil, rosemary leaf oil, coconut oil.


  • Hassle-free frizz control
  • Moisturizes without overloading hair
  • Provides superior shine
  • Restores elasticity and strength

Cantu Avocado Hydrating Shampoo

Cantu Avocado Hydrating Shampoo

Cantu® Avocado Hydrating Shampoo is free from sulfates. This no-tears, sulfate-free formula cleanses hair and scalp. It will remove product buildup while restoring moisture leaving hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean with a healthy shine.

This superb hydrating conditioner is enriched with shea butter to moisturize and blend essential oils and flaxseed oil to promote softness. Our Avocado Hydrating Shampoo is free from parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohols and artificial colours.


  • Cleanses and conditions hair as it moisturizes
  • It gives hair an intense feeling of softness
  • Strengthens and restructures damaged hair

cantu shea butter apple cider vinegar root rinse

Cantu Shea Butter Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rinse

Cantu Shea Butter Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rinse is a natural, multi-purpose hair rinse. It allows you to go from salon quality hair styling to natural beauty.

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This product boasts many benefits for the health of your hair and scalp. First, it will bring out the shine in your locks and remove residue left by styling products. A moisturizing formula that helps to hydrate and revitalize hair follicles. This organic root purifier also promotes the growth of new hair. It also leaves your hair silkier so you can continue styling with confidence.


  • It helps to strengthen hair and keep it moisturized
  • It gets rid of buildup on your scalp
  • Condition and nourish brittle hair
  • It helps promote healthy hair growth

cantu sulfate-free cleansing cream shampoo

Cantu Sulfate-free Cleansing Cream Shampoo

Cantu Cleansing Cream naturally washes away dirt, pollution and buildup without stripping the hair of its natural moisture. Instead, it cleanses each hair strand from root to tip.

It is also eliminating impurities that can cause frizz and leave hair feeling dry and brittle. Its rich moisturizers of shea butter, coconut oil and honey penetrate the hair shaft restoring softness and elasticity for strong, healthy-looking hair.


  • Deeply cleanses and conditions
  • Gently removes buildup
  • Detangles softens and adds shine

4 Best Cantu Conditioner for Curly Hair

Cantu Avocado Hydrating Conditioner

Cantu Avocado Hydrating Conditioner

The Cantu Avocado Hydrating Conditioner is enriched with avocado oil to provide moisture and nutrients to the hair. This conditioner also has a unique formula that nourishes each strand of your hair and protects it from the damage of curls.

Be sure to use this conditioner after you shampoo your hair with the Cantu avocado shampoo to enjoy an avocado oil infused treatment without harsh chemicals.

  • Hydrates hair
  • Restores moisture
  • Deep conditioning
  • Strengthens and repairs
  • Prolonged Moisture use

Cantu Shea Butter Color Protecting Conditioner

Cantu Shea Butter Color Protecting Conditioner

Cantu Shea Butter Color Protecting Conditioner washes away without stripping your hair colour. Instead, an innovative triple-technique system helps moisturize, colour protect and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Cantu’s natural formula is enriched with premium-quality ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, albizia, avocado oil and silk proteins. Its 84% less red colour fade means you’ll be in good company; all those other happy Cantu users!


  • Great for blonde and lightened hair
  • Protects from heat damage and shines
  • Works well with all hair types


  • It doesn’t work as well with dark hair
  • It doesn’t always smell as good
  • Overpriced

Cantu Care for Kid’s Nourishing Conditioner

Cantu for Kids nourishing conditioner is free from harmful ingredients commonly found in children’s hair products – No Parabens, No Silicone and No Mineral Oils. Instead, this nourishing conditioner contains natural oils and butter, particularly coconut oil and shea butter, to moisturize your hair while cleansing the scalp.

Cantu for Kids nourishing shampoo and conditioner is specifically formulated to be great for textured hair – especially for children going through the stages of puberty where they can experience extreme scalp sensitivity. Our product does not contain excessive amounts of harsh detergents or other ingredients.


  • The intensive formula hydrates your hair
  • It also helps to detangle childrens’ hair and making it easier to comb
  • This children’s conditioner contains organic ingredients.
  • Infused with a blend of Vitamin B5, coconut oil and honey extract that complements

Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Rinse Out Conditioner

Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Rinse Out Conditioner

Cantu Care for Kid’s Nourishing Conditioner often functions as a first step treatment. It is ideal for miniaturization and straightening. It will keep your child’s hair in good shape and make it smooth and soft. Effective against the split end, breakage, and dryness.

It will help to maintain young hair healthy. Full of natural ingredients, it is helpful not only to cosmetology but also to health care.


  • adds shine
  • It also gives your hair a fresh and clean look
  • Help reduce damage and breakage
  • It protects your hair against heat styling tools

Cantu Shampoo and conditioner Reviews

Usually, when I get a new shampoo and conditioner, my expectations are pretty minimal. Unfortunately, I haven’t had good luck finding a sulfate-free shampoo that doesn’t have silicone or parabens. I’ve always been disappointed because my hair feels like straw after washing it.

Cantu went above my expectations. My hair is super soft, easy to style, and my scalp doesn’t itch from dryness like it used to. It also isn’t nearly as curly at the ends or flyaway as before. Plus, for darker coloured hair, you don’t have to worry about the water stripping your colour out like with other shampoos and conditioners. And you can usually find this at Walmart for about $7-$10.

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