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Best 5 Photography Tips to Make You Look Like A Model

Beauty photography is a completely different kettle of fish to fashion photography. Beauty photography focuses on making the subject being photographed look the very best they can. Although the most popular form of beauty photography is headshots, it doesn’t have to only be headshots.

If you’ve booked a photographer to do a beauty photoshoot, be prepared to take your time and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need to make you look your best. You want the photographer to capture every look you need. Here are some tips to get you ready.

Tip No #1

Know what style or theme you want for the shoot. It is vital to communicate what the desired outcome of the shoot is to the photographer so that you are on the same page.

Tip No #2

Beauty photography can be done in different kinds of ways. The three main types are traditional beauty, boudoir, and conceptual beauty. Traditional beauty is usually taken from the collarbone or the shoulders and focuses on the face. The aim is to capture the personality of the subject.

The aim of boudoir shots is to capture a sexy shot and these are normally done for a husband or partner and nudity is implied. It doesn’t have to be a nude shoot and lingerie of your choice can be selected. Boudoir shoots are intimate and should be treated with class. Finally, conceptual beauty shots are taken with a specific intent behind them. It could be political, personal or religious in nature.

Tip No #3

Remember we said beauty shots don’t have to be restricted to your head only? So even if you get a traditional beauty headshot, you can still get shots of the rest of your body. Just make sure you are dressed appropriately to maintain the style or theme of your shoot.

Try and relax so you don’t appear stiff. Another thing to focus on is not facing the camera directly as this can give the shoulders a bulky appearance.

Tip No #4

Beauty shots are normally done in studios with appropriate lighting. This is another reason why communicating the desired outcome to the photographer is important. They will be able to select and set up their lighting accordingly. Lighting will affect how harsh or soft the lighting needs to be for your shoot.

Tip No #5

Always ensure you meet up with the photographer to discuss the concept of your shoot in advance. This will allow you to build a rapport with them, which will pay dividends on the day of your shoot. To get the best results you must feel comfortable. Ask if you can have music on during the shoot and if it isn’t a problem then bring your own music in a format they can use to get you in the right mood, this should make the experience more fun for you.

At the end of the shoot discuss any post-production editing the photographer will do on your pictures. By all means ask if you can view the pictures on a full screen but NEVER ask for any of the pictures you don’t like to be deleted, it might be a decision you regret later.

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