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Attico Shoes for Women, World’s Largest Collection

According to seasoned travellers, a comfortable pair of walking shoes is an essential itemone of the essential items to pack for forthcoming travels. Sleek, supportive, and as stylish as they are helpful, the ideal pair should be. You probably already travel with a supportive team of sneaker or boots. Still, if you’re going to a warm-weather destination and want to let your feet breathe, a comfortable pair of walking sandals is essential.

While hundreds of sandals on the market promise to be comfy, there are hundreds of sandals on the market that promise to be comfy, you’ve undoubtedly discovered the hard way that most of them are far more uncomfortable than they appear.

Sandals from Devon

The Attico shoes, with their mid-block heels and low-cut vamps, are a must-have for stylish nights out. They’re constructed of nylon and come in a sleek green brown colour that’s a nice low-key contrast to their sensuous shape.


The Attico’s Venus sling backs, with their pointy toe, vivid hues, and ankle lacing, are another must for spring. Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio have produced a statement item that many women desire. These will do the trick if you need something to finish your street style appearance or want to stand out at a party.

The construction of Attico, the Italian company charged with “reinventing the fundamental concept of luxury,” began innocently enough. Inspired by vintage stores, flea markets, and a personal flair to boot, two friends, street style stars turned creative directors Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini. They wanted to fix a market, which they felt lacked attractive offerings. They came up with this new concept in the back of a cab, in September 2015, while speeding around New York City between fashion shows.

Attico (which won Footwear News’ “Launch of last Year”) has “wowed retailers and customers alike” with its offerings, according to FN, to the point that Net-a-Porter contacted Ambrosio and Tordini even before the collection’s official unveiling. And that early cooperation and support were crucial in establishing the brand from the start, as it “launched the firm into a high-end position”, according to Tordini.

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It’s Not Just About Shoes

Tordini, 30, from New York, and Ambrosio, 25, from Milan, regard themselves as opposites in clothing taste; Tordini is a classicist, while Ambrosio is more diverse. Footwear will follow, a “completely spontaneous” effort, they told FN, which is oh-so-appropriate considering the label’s self-proclaimed goal of “making thrown together seem done up.”

And everything is going swimmingly. For example, has witnessed the excitement of the fledgling brand, which has grown into a full range of vintage-inspired pieces and includes everything from shoes to evening gowns.

Fashion photography of silk robes and dresses, which are naturally attractive and suitable for photos, have undoubtedly helped the brand take off. The founders’ combined Facebook followings and the fashion journalists’ fascination with them, contributed to their success. But before you dismiss Tordini and Ambrosio as “simple influencers” keep in mind that they have the proper training and expertise to back them up. They both studied fashion design in college and went on to work as consultants for a variety of businesses before founding Attico.

A Powerful Design Team

The fashion world has been enamored with this Italian couple and the ease with which they command their wardrobes since early 2014, as seen by the pervasive collection of photographs showcasing their clothing. It is a double-edged sword, though, because industry insiders have historically been harsh on, if not downright suspicious of, well-known people who set out to dominate the fashion market. Just ask Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the owners of The Row, who hid behind their generic brand name and boutiques for years to prove themselves worthy of the fashion industry’s attention.

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Attico is being heralded as one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Milan in recent years. This is a big compliment, considering that “fashionistas, especially jaded editors, love to detest Milan”, SCMP’s Vincent Chan noted. 

“Gucci may get the attention, but it’s a succession of modest local brands – particularly Attico – that are infusing a much-needed dose of excitement into the Milan fashion scene,” Chan said.

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