Are You Dreaming About Beautiful Hair Support Its Regeneration With Appropriate Supplements

Are You Dreaming About Beautiful Hair? Support Its Regeneration With Appropriate Supplements

Hair is a showcase of our body. Their condition reflects the condition of our body – if beautiful and shiny, it’s evidence of vitality, but weak and fragile may be a sign of shortages of important elements or even a disease. There are many proven ways to achieve healthy and neat hair. Some of them were successfully practiced by our grandmothers at home, with the use of natural ingredients only. In addition to regular care, the key to success is proper supplementation. Stress, inadequate diet, excessive doses of sunlight, or poorly selected cosmetics may adversely affect the condition of the hair in a short time.

We have some tips on how to help your hair regenerate and what supplements to use to help your hair regain its shine and healthy appearance.

How does a diet affect hair?

An appropriately balanced diet plays an important role in taking care of your hair. Your food should include products that are rich in vitamins and micro- and macroelements necessary to support normal hair growth. A diet for growth and good condition of the hair is not demanding and includes ingredients that are often found on the daily menu. It is worth reminding them. What should you eat to have healthy hair?

Here’s your list:

  • wholegrain cereal products,
  • fruits and vegetables rich in beta carotene (e.g., peaches, carrots, tomatoes),
  • cocoa, nuts, and natural peanut butter,
  • vegetable oil (linseed oil, olive oil),
  • fish and lean meat.

The choice of ingredients is really wide, and you can successfully create a diet tailored to your own taste. You can compose a menu by yourself; however, a much better solution will be to visit a professional dietician, who will not only prepare an optimal nutritional plan for you but also help to keep the body weight under control.

How to take care of your hair? Cosmetics and care

In the spring, when the hair is tired after the winter and requires special care from us, it is worth taking care of it by hydrating, exfoliating the scalp, and ensuring a large dose of nutrition. Specialised conditioners, oils, and strengthening shampoos are often of great help to hair weakened by dry air, hats, and low temperatures.

When it comes to taking care of weak and falling hair, an effective weapon is cosmetics based on natural ingredients, as well as homemade lotions, masks, or natural oils. During the regeneration period, the hair should also not be subjected to frequent hairdressing procedures requiring the use of bleach, hot air, or iron.

Natural cosmetics not only accelerate the regeneration of hair but can also inhibit hair loss. The bull’s eyes are herbal rinses and homemade masks based on castor oil, honey, or egg yolks. The use of cool water for rinsing the hair accelerates the closing of the scales and will make them shiny and less susceptible to damage. It is also worth remembering to cut the ends regularly. The split and brittle ends make it difficult to regenerate the hair, not to mention it does not look good.

However, cosmetics alone may not be sufficient if our diet lacks the necessary nutrients. The best solution for restoring the hair’s shine and healthy appearance is proper care combined with appropriate supplementation. Such a duo will make weakened hair stop breaking and falling out, and at the same time, you will provide it with an appropriate dose of hydration and nutrients. Specialised supplements of the highest quality can be bought in Your Secret Is. Particular attention should be paid to the hair supplement Beautiful hair. Of course, it is also worth seeking advice from qualified hairdressers or trichologists.

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