8 BEST Walk-in closet must haves

A well-designed walk-in closet should feel like you are entering your private boutique with all of the gorgeous accessories and clothing on display. This makes getting dressed become an enjoyable experience and also easier. 

Whether you are going to design a new walk-in closet from scratch or just refreshing it, having must-have items in your closet is adding comfort. Having a neat walk-in closet with complete items is people’s dream. Listed below are must-have items you can add to your walk-in closet for functionality and beauty.

Drawers for small items

Small items like watches and jewelry sometimes can clutter your closet. Instead, you can add drawers to store them all. A custom closet is not complete with no special drawers for small items like wallets, cufflinks, brooches, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Store the items that are used often higher for easier access. On the other hand, drawers for valuable items can be lined with satin or velvet for a beautiful look.

A safe

When it comes to valuable or precious items, it must be kept in a safe place. Consider storing them all in a locked drawer or a safe for safety. While a safe is commonly placed in an office, consider placing a small safe behind a cabinet door to keep your precious accessories. 

Shelves for handbags and hats

Expensive handbags and hats are highly recommended to be stored on a shelf. If possible, place the shelves behind a glass door to avoid dust. The size of shelves and how many shelves you need is typically depending on the type of handbags and hats you have. Clutches can also be stored in a drawer neatly.

A shoe shelf

A shoe shelf is also a must-have item to be placed within your walk-in closet. Instead of placing it underneath hanging rods, place your shoes on a shelf to protect them from dust. Group the shoes with regularly used shoes at an accessible height. If space becomes the problem, consider putting a pullout shelf with double racks to store your shoes. It is very space-saving for your dressing room. 



A mirror is an essential thing in a closet. Adding a full-length mirror is a great idea to any walk-in closets. If your walk-in closet is small, a large mirror gives the impression of more space.

Artful touches

When you have already determined the layout of your walk-in closet, you can add some artful touches within. Parquet flooring is the first thing you should consider as this kind of flooring adds an artful touch to your closet flooring. They are timeless and would last generations. After that, you can organize some similar items or display your favorite clothing in a mannequin. In the center of the room, you can also add a stylish rug to create a statement in the closet.


When it comes to a closet, three types of lighting must be installed within include: a chandelier for mood and personality, integrated lighting to highlight fixtures, and overhead dipped lighting for general lighting. You can also add dedicated lighting to your dressing table if you want to. 

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