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7 Ways To Get Married In The Bay Area

Getting married in San Francisco offers couples a variety of different options. It is a huge city, and the Bay Area as a whole gives you many choices for when you get married, how you get married, and how the entire process goes.

Of course, in order to have a wedding, you need to plan a wedding in the Bay Area first. This includes getting a guest list put together, choosing the wedding colors and decor, and even using flower delivery in San Francisco to get the perfect wedding flowers for your needs.

However, arguably the biggest and most important part of the planning is securing a venue and deciding where your marriage will happen. Without any further ado, this article is going to go over a few different ways and places that you can get married in the Bay Area.

Get Married on the Beach

With the California sun shining down on San Francisco, it has incredible weather for most of the year. As a result, a popular choice is to have a wedding on the beach. There are many beaches to choose from, many which offer brilliant views and a stunning backdrop for the wedding. Take time to look at a couple of them, and decide which beach and surrounding scenery works the best for you.

Of course, the weather is often something people forget when planning a wedding, so be sure to have a backup plan if the beach wedding simply can’t happen. You never know when rain or incredibly high winds will ruin your chances, so always have a second option ready.

Have a Classic Wedding at City Hall

If you want to keep things classic and relatively traditional, getting married at the hall is always a good idea. However, at the San Francisco City Hall, classic doesn’t need to mean boring. The hall is full of great places to take a photo, especially with great natural lighting, and have a wedding. The architecture is incredibly unique and interesting, and the entire place is incredibly elegant.

This is a popular place not only for large weddings with hundreds of guests, but also public civil ceremonies with only a couple of guests. There are different locations to choose from within the hall, each with their own unique look and feel.

Head to a Winery

The Bay Area is known for it’s amazing wines, so what better place to get married than a winery? There are plenty of wineries within San Francisco and around the surrounding area that regularly host weddings and other events. These are generally incredibly ambient locations, and you can be sure that the wine served at your wedding will be top of the line. Alse, many wineries provide a blend of style and decor that is very appealing and looks just as good in photos as it does in person.

Not every vineyard or winery will host weddings, but plenty of them will, and many even have services to help you coordinate your event, and may even provide catering. Make some calls and check out some online reviews to see which vineyards or wineries you should consider hosting your wedding at.

Have a Waterfront Wedding

While many like the idea of a wedding on the beach, some people may want the waterfront views, without all the sand and without being that close to the water. If that is you, let us introduce you to a waterfront wedding.

There are plenty of waterfront locations throughout San Francisco and the surrounding areas, and plenty of them are great for weddings. This could be on a pier, at a yacht club, at a cottage, at a restaurant, at a resort, or at a variety of other locations. They give you a wonderful view and backdrop of the water, without having to be right beside it in the sand.

Get Married in a Museum

Another great choice is to get married in a museum. This is certainly one of the coolest places to get married, and if you love culture, history, or art, a museum, it is the perfect place to celebrate the big day.

San Francisco is home to a ton of different museums, so no matter what kind of art or specific culture or time period you love, there will definitely be a museum that you find outstanding. Not all museums or galleries will be open to hosting weddings, but plenty certainly will be. San Francisco is a hub of culture and art, so getting married at a museum is a popular choice that we only see becoming more popular.

Find a Lovely Park or Garden

With the weather being stunning in San Francisco most of the time, getting married in a park or garden is another great way to tie the knot. There is amazing natural scenery and parks all over the city, and they provide you with a great way to get away from the noise, people, and commotion that a city as large as San Francisco generally has.

If you prefer a little greenery, colorful flowers, or other plants, there are plenty of botanical gardens that can play host to your wedding, too. Of course, many of these are quite popular, so do your best to inquire and book as early as possible to ensure you get your spot.

Get Married at a Beautiful Church

If you are religious, having a wedding in a church is another great option. And thankfully, you have plenty of places to choose from in San Francisco. There are churches and places of worship for just about every religion, with some being more modern and sleek, while others are well over a century old and feature a lot of charm.

Also, if you have a church you regularly go to, consider seeing if you can get married there to make things more personal and special. Also, be aware that some churches will only marry members or those who belong to the same denomination, so do your homework well in advance to ensure you can find the right church for whatever kind of wedding you want to have.

In conclusion, these are seven of the best ways to get married in the Bay Area and ensure your wedding is spectacular, and a day you will never forget.

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