Style your African Winter Coat

5 ways to style your African prints this winter

With summer drawing to a close, you don’t have to pack away your bright prints simply because the days are shortening and you’ve now got to wear a coat over the top of every outfit. Feel confident rocking your African-inspired prints all year round. 

Not sure how to showcase your favorite African print clothing in the colder months? We’ll show you how. Because if there’s one thing that a dark, drab, dreary winter day needs, it’s a flash of color. 

Winter is notoriously tough to dress for, is it going to be windy, wet, and/or cold? Are you going to be outdoors all day? Or will you be inside a centrally heated building? Figuring out fashion choices when you’re trying to balance what to wear with warm outerwear is tough, even for a seasoned fashionista. 

So, whether you’re a third culture kid connecting with your roots, or you simply want to celebrate your vibrant culture in your everyday style, even when it’s overcast and raining, you’ve come to the right place. 

1. Let your coat do the talking

First things first, if there’s one item of apparel you can’t do without in winter, it’s a coat. Rather than let yours drown your style, opt for a reversible print bomber that is both sophisticated and stylish, perfectly understated on one side for the office, and fabulously bold on the other for going big after work. 

This simple yet vibrant functional coat is a statement piece that will bring any outfit to life, showcasing your style, without being too outlandish. 

2. All you need is a pop 

You don’t need to wear traditional African clothing to proudly display your heritage, a simple patch of print works wonders. While winter is typically associated with dark colors, it can get boring pretty quickly, wearing muted colors every day. 

Add bold, bright prints to your wardrobe and flash a pop of color to brighten up your day. Check out our Kente shirt to see how we’ve skillfully blended the Kente print of Ghana, with a modern classic, premium stretch cotton t-shirt, or browse our Abụọ collection for how you can coordinate matching African prints for him and her. 

3. Think dresses 

A dress is the perfect outfit choice for winter because it’s so versatile. Staying warm when the weather takes a turn for the worse is essential, and layering up underneath your coat is vital. Dresses are ideal because you can dress them up for the evening, or down for casual daywear. You can layer up over the top, and best of all, you can team it with tights for toasty legs all day. 

Our Ochi African print oversized t-shirt is great for winter because it’s designed with comfort and style in mind. Made from a medium-weight cotton, pair with our Skinny Fit Joggers from the Ọchị collection for a matching print moment, and throw a coat over the top. Let the spring-inspired Ankara fabric provide a much-needed cheery flash of color in the depths of a dark day.

Or why not wear our asymmetric bodycon dress with African print trims paired with trainers – this dress transitions seamlessly from day to night, and thanks to its 100% jersey cotton, you’ll stay warm wherever you end up.

4. Be bold

Don’t be afraid to be unashamedly you. Your personal style is a reflection of you, so choose pieces that showcase who you are. Whether you’re working from home still, or you’re back in the office if you’re studying, partying or simply chilling, be bold and let your unique style shine through even when the day starts late and draws in early. 

Not sure how to be bold in office wear? Throw on our eye-catching scarf in blue and orange Ankara print, made from soft cashmere, and stay warm in style. 

5. Relax at home in style

Wondering how to style out a winter weekend? You need a hoodie and joggers that are as stylish as they are comfortable. Our signature African print hoodie is guaranteed to lift your wardrobe with a dash of color, and because it’s made from the softest cotton, it’s cosy, cool and a true functional staple. 


This winter, don’t shy away from wearing your favourite African print, instead, embrace the colour schemes you love during the spring and summer and make your winter a much more vibrant time. 

To find out more about Nkiti clothing and our traditional African clothing, or to share anything we’ve missed, feel free to drop us a comment or tag @nkitidesigns if you try out any of these styles!

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