5 Tips to improve English speaking

5 Tips to improve English speaking

The English language plays a very important role in our lives as real estate agents, as it helps in effective communication.  It is the main language for studying any subject all over the world. It expands universal knowledge, develops emotional skills and creates more job opportunities.  Fluency in English improves the personality and gives a good impression on others.

This article will provide you with a few tips to improve your English speaking:

Expand vocabulary and pronunciation: To bring fluency in English, you need a wide and good vocabulary and it should be correct pronounced.  Lean at least one new word in a day to widen your vocabulary and try to pronounce it correctly. If you learn at least one new word daily, after one year you will learn 365 new English words.  You can take new words from news, songs, TV shows, and books.  If you love music, you can pay attention to the lyrics and learn new words from there.

If you have a friend, you can also share those new words with her for practice. You can use Phrases like a cup of tea, and a pot of coffee instead of a single word like tea, coffee etc. which also gives a good impression of fluency.

You can set a goal to clear an exam like PTE Academic for extra motivation. A website like PTE Mock Tests is excellent for PTE Practice.

To improve your pronunciation, you can take the help of YouTube channels, listening online dictionaries and other programs as per your own interest.

Watch movies in English: It is also another good way to improve fluency in English by watching movies. Each has subtitles, which helps us to see every word along with the voice.  In this way, we can also learn new words as well as correct pronunciation.

Think in English: If you develop the habit of thinking in English, then it speedup up your fluency.  No translation will be required while speaking.  The habit of Dairy writing should be developed as it helps in expressing your daily thoughts. A PTE Practice Test will be beneficial here!

Retell a story in English: Listen to one story daily and retell it as per your words. It will improve thinking ability and communication skills.  The continuous practice has brought fluency in English and developed confidence while speaking with others.

Practice and more practice: One phrase is absolutely correct “Practice makes a man perfect”. The language depends on practice. The more practice the more fluency. You try to speak English as and when you get the chance like talking with customer care executive, in the mall or in the shops at the time of buying goods etc.  You should focus on reading, listening and speaking ignoring others’ reactions. Day by day you will feel improvement.

We have mentioned only a few above-mentioned tips. Besides it, you can choose any method to improve your English. But you have to do hard work and by continuous practice, you can bring fluency in English.

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