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5 Surprising Benefits Of Argan Oil For Colored Hair

Argan oil has been around for centuries. While its original applications are culinary, people have been using it as a skin and hair treatment for ages. Its efficacy and the minimal amount of residue make it a must-have for every makeup bag and bathroom counter.

Managing color-treated hair can be tricky, as some products do more harm than good. Fortunately, argan oil isn’t one of those products. Here are five surprising benefits of argan oil for colored hair.

Provides Deep Nourishment

The overarching benefit of argan oil is that it provides deep nourishment to the hair, permeating color applications to get to the hair shaft underneath. Argan oil has vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids that help repair and strengthen hair, offsetting the impacts of repeat treatments.

According to this blog on Argan Wholesale site, color treatments contain a compound known as oxidative dyes, which can’t be removed from treatments as they’re responsible for the color change. Consider adding argan oil to your post-color conditioner for immediate results.

Revitalizes Dry, Brittle Bleached Locks

Bleach is the worst possible thing to put your hair through. However, some of the most beautiful hair colors require an application of bleach to create or maintain. If you’re someone with porous hair, that damage will be even more extensive, causing dry, brittle hair and even breakage.

Regular applications of argan oil can help correct and prevent the damage caused by bleach. Using this treatment consistently can help soften your hair, combatting the straw-like feeling that many of us face with repeat bleach and color treatments. This miracle oil can help you keep those stylish white and blonde locks without worrying about your hair falling out.

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Provides Sun Protection

Argan oil originates from Morocco— a country at the northern tip of Africa. As you can imagine, the sun in this part of the world is fierce. Historically, the Moroccan people have relied on argan oil to provide protection from sun damage, nourish the skin, and promote the healing of damaged cells.

The sun is terrible for hair and can cause colored hair to fade faster. Using argan oil can help protect your treated hair from the sun and maintain your color for longer during the summer months — though you should probably use a stylish hat or scarf as well.

Makes Color More Vibrant

Argan oil reduces frizz and adds a lovely shine to your hair when applied. This feature, in addition to the nourishing qualities, can make your hair color appear more vibrant.

In addition to making your hair color look more vibrant, applying an argan oil treatment before coloring your hair can also help with color distribution.

Regulates Sebum Production

There’s a common misconception that the key to preventing greasy hair is washing it. However, many commercial shampoos strip the natural oils from the scalp. This effect signals the body to produce more sebum— the oily substance meant to lubricate and protect our scalps— creating a vicious cycle of sebum production and over-washing. For colored hair, over-washing means dramatically decreasing the longevity of your color treatment.

Applying argan oil to the scalp can provide nourishment and hydration that sebum provides. You can use this treatment to slow and regulate sebum production. It might take a few days to even out, but the results are well worth the decreased washes for your color-treated hair.

Not only will argan oil not damage your colored hair, but it will also make it healthier and longer-lasting.

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