5 Dresses That Go Great With Different Types Of Boots

5 Dresses That Go Great With Different Types Of Boots

Finding the perfect outfit can be tricky when you’re not sure what to pair together.

While some combinations come to mind quickly, others are more difficult to think of.

That’s why we’ve gathered five dresses that go great with different types of boots so you can look your best while still feeling comfortable.

With these suggestions, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the dress will match your boots—we’ve got it covered!

Check out our picks for five dresses that go great with different types of boots below:

1- Nap Dress and Western Boots

You know that feeling when you’ve been running around all day and want to curl up in bed? Yeah, that’s what a nap dress is for! And there’s no better way to complement it than with a pair of cowboy boots.

They’ll make you look like a boss who can handle whatever comes her way—even if it’s just trying to get your toddler to take a nap.

This dress is made of a soft, buttery material, and all of the colors are muted and earthy—perfect for blending in with the hoedown-friendly shades of your western boots!

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2- Sweater Dress and Ankle Boots

Sweater dresses are one of the few winter clothes you can wear multiple times without washing in between—throw a scarf or new accessory on, and voilà! A whole new look. But when it comes to shoes, figuring out which boot style to wear with an outfit like this can be tricky. Do you go for a knee-high boot? A thigh-high? An over-the-knee?

As has always been the case, the answer lies in the ankle boot. Ankle boots have just enough heel to make your legs look longer, but not so much heel that you’ll feel like you’re walking on stilts (or wind up wishing you were). And because they hit at the ankle, they won’t overwhelm the dress itself, making it look like a weird skirt/sweater combo.

3- The Fall Skirt and Combat Boots (a.k.a. “Comboots”)

Who says comfort can’t be cute?

When you are trying to select what to wear and want to be both practical and stylish, the fall skirt and combat boots (a.k.a. “com-boots”) are a match made in sartorial heaven.

The skirt allows for maximum flexibility and movement to tackle whatever’s on your agenda, while the heavy-duty boot protects you from puddles and sloppy sidewalks that you need to get through an autumn day.

4- A Short Saree Dress and Knee-Highs

The saree gown is a trendy take on a classic Indian shape, but it can be tricky to find the proper footwear for this dress. The knee-high boot is an excellent choice for this look. The contrast between the breezy nature of the gown and the sturdy structure of a high boot makes this look stunning on anyone who wears it!

5- The Knit Dress and Cutout Boots

Are you a die-hard knit dress fan looking for a way to spice it up?

Look no further than some cutout boots!

The cutouts are the perfect way to add a slight edge to the classic and comfortable knit dress, and the neutral tones and simple design of the dress mean that it will perfectly match all different kinds of cutout boots.


When pairing dresses with boots, you just have to find the right formula for your style.

So go ahead—try out the ways covered in this write-up. You might even end up winning a style award. Or you might just end up looking damn good in them. Either way, you’ll be rocking it like a runway model.

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