4 DIY Projects to Try That Will Help You Destress

4 DIY Projects to Try That Will Help You Destress

DIY hobby searches are rising as more people try to expand their horizons.

It’s no secret that the stress level around the world has increased since the pandemic, but if you’re like most of us, you’re trying to find ways to adapt. A new hobby or project is a tried-and-true, research-backed method of stress reduction.

When you’re doing something enjoyable, the effects are seen in your mental and physical health. So, if you’re feeling the pressure rise in your daily life, it’s vital for your overall wellbeing that you find a hobby that makes you happy.

Not sure where to start? Check out this list of DIY projects that actively reduce stress. Try one, some, or all, and you’ll feel your cares disappearing as you destress.

1. Create a Stress Ball

You’ve seen the squishy, colorful “toys” that come in multiple shapes and sizes. They’re called stress balls, but they aren’t always circular.

Designed for stress reduction, the ball (or other strategic shapes) works by activating your hand and wrist muscles. When you release your grip, the muscles relax.

Repeating the action serves to reduce the tension in your body. You can do it anytime, anywhere. And by creating your own stress ball, you’re doing an activity that benefits you twofold. You’ll relax as you go through the steps of the process, and you’ll have a stress-reducing technique when you’re anxious in the future.

With three simple ingredients and these step-by-step instructions, you can have your own homemade stress ball.

2. Make a New Recipe

Cooking activates the creative parts of your brain that aren’t always allowed to run free. If you enjoy the culinary arts, learning a new recipe is the perfect stress-reducing project.

Give yourself the permission and creative freedom to try new things. Your favorite recipes will still be there, but learning a new recipe and tweaking it lets the creativity flow.

For example, you’ve seen the hottest new trend in cooking ingredients is cannabis. Using it serves a dual purpose. You can relax and enjoy the process, and when you feel anxious later, you have something to eat that reduces stress in your body.

Start with this easy cannabis tincture recipe by Veriheal to begin your outside-of-the-box cooking journey.

3. Learn Yoga Moves

When you imagine someone doing yoga, you probably picture a calm, relaxed individual surrounded by soothing colors in a quiet environment.

Why can’t that be you?

Everything about yoga is designed for stress reduction. However, the activity goes beyond that benefit, encouraging your mind and body to relax and promoting wellness.

Yoga’s basic movements improve flexibility and reduce tight muscles. You’ll feel fewer aches and pains, while at the same time, you’ll also notice a marked reduction in mental stress.

The best part is that you don’t need a gym membership or a class to get started. Create a DIY project to learn stress-reducing yoga moves at home.

4. Plant a Garden

Green thumb, black thumb, or in between, it doesn’t matter. The act of gardening, even if the plants end up unlike what you planned, is enough to lower your cortisol levels.

Cortisol is the chemical produced by your body when it feels stressed. A little of this hormone is important because it triggers the fight-or-flight response and puts you on alert. But if you’re not in a dangerous situation at the moment, cortisol is harmful rather than helpful.

Gardening decreases these stress levels in multiple ways.

First, the fact that you’re getting active and out in the fresh air does the trick. Add to that the extensive benefits of being around plants, such as better air quality and improved mindfulness, and you have an easy instant stress fix.

Sitting in your garden, weeding and tending your plants, gives you a break from the hectic pace of your day. It’s a project that has long-lasting effects, and you’ll start to look forward to the time you spend there.


Destressing doesn’t have to come with the hefty price tag of a spa or a vacation getaway. You can do any of these four projects in your home or backyard on an inexpensive DIY budget, and they’ll have instant and long-term benefits.

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