invisalign over traditional braces

3 Reasons Why I Chose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

If you are thinking about getting braces for yourself or your child, but are concerned about the visibility of these braces on your teeth, there is a solution out there that can solve all of your problems called invisalign. You can take a look at this article to see why I chose invisalign over traditional braces.

This blog post provides various demonstrations of the benefits of an Invisalign treatment, including how it’s more comfortable than traditional braces for your jaw.

What is an Invisalign?

Invisalign is a custom-made clear aligner that replaces traditional metal braces. These aligners are made of thermoplastic material to be comfortable and completely removable. The other advantage is that patients can eat whatever they want without worries of breaking or wearing down their brackets.

Benefits of an Invisalign

With Invisalign, there are many benefits.

  • It is much more comfortable than having braces because you only have to wear the aligners at night while you sleep. This leads to less irritation for your mouth and throat because it reduces the duration of the time in which your mouth is open each day.
  • There are also likely to be few accidents when wearing aligners because they are clear and cannot be seen by other people.
  • Another benefit is that after using them for 6-18 months, patients can simply take out their clear aligners for a month before switching back to having their teeth re-straightened with new aligners.
  • Clear aligners are thin, nearly invisible mouth trays that you wear over your teeth to move your teeth into the right position.

Symptoms of tooth misalignment

I have suffered from severe jaw pain caused by general tooth misalignment for years. It left me unable to smile without feeling like my teeth were falling out of place. The other day, I was sitting in the dentist chair and he told me that I needed to wear invisalign or traditional braces for six months. At first, I was not sure which one to choose until he pointed out the symptoms of each.

How long does treatment last for?

Treatment with Invisalign lasts for 12-24 months. Because of the direct molding technique, alignment is more efficient, less sticky, and more comfortable than traditional braces. Treatment is also more cost-effective since only half the allotted time is spent in treatment which saves time and money.

My Invisalign experience

I recently decided to go with Invisalign because my lifestyle is active and I don’t have time to come in every week. It was very easy for me to get an appointment for invisalign in Melbourne, which always fit my tight schedule. Dr. Monette also had many different styles of aligners, all priced the same, so it was just a matter of picking what style I liked best.

Absolutely love it. It was initially really painful putting them in, but after the first 2 weeks they got so much better. I barely notice them anymore. The best part is that you eat what you want and drink your beverage of choice, which really makes it worth the expense!


The aligners have a customized design for my mouth and it’s always in “goal-oriented” mode. With a traditional brace, the rules of the game would change every few months or so when I wear a new set of braces that were made specifically for me. This is because people have different mouths with varying jaw shapes and teeth placement so each mouth has to be treated separately with something entirely unique to them.

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