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3 Makeup Habits to Avoid in 2021

The makeup trends evolve constantly, but in recent years it’s the minimalism that sets their course. Which makeup habits are definitely passe in 2021? We’ve gathered the trends that are no longer in the game.

For over a year, we haven’t had much opportunity to expose our makeup to others. Some claim that it’s actually been a relief for them and their skin that finally could breathe without a layer of foundation. When wearing the mask, the possibilities were quite limited. With the pandemic restrictions, the best solution was to focus on the eyes, playing with different eye shadow colors and eyeliners. 

Now that we have a little more freedom, the emphasis is put on the lips. Fall 2021, the bold lipsticks are back in fashion! They shouldn’t glow – velvet matte (like in the Bourjois Velvet series) is number one. At the same time, minimalism still dictates the rules of the game. Exposing your natural skin, with its blushes and freckles, is the most trendy thing you can do! 

And what are the no-gos in 2021 when it comes to makeup? Here are some tips worth checking!

#1 Super glow

Glowy skin is still trendy but in a little more subtle version. It’s much more about balanced skincare than the makeup itself. Instead of using the highlighter, try to find cosmetics that give your skin a natural glow. Natural oils can help! 

#2 Contouring and strobing

As we’ve already mentioned, the natural look is back in fashion. It’s tightly connected with the body positivity movement that encourages everybody to embrace their looks. Contouring and strobing stand in opposition to this imperative, since it’s about correcting your natural face shapes. Instead, try to underline what you like. Add some blush on your cheekbones, but don’t try to contour it. To improve your face shape, you can try regular face massages with the roller or without it. It’s an ancient technique that can really bring visible results!

#3 Strong eyebrows

For long, bold and shaped eyebrows were a strong trend. Even blondes would go for such an effect, creating a strong contrast between their hair and eyebrows. But forget about perfect shapes and brow ombre – In 2021, the most trendy eyebrows are the natural ones. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you should skip all the beauty treatments. Just try to forget about the eyebrow pencil, going for gels instead. Brush the eyebrows thoroughly to achieve a natural look. At the same time, embrace their natural look. If you’re a blonde or redhead, go for the subtle bright brown gels. 


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