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10 Celebrities Who Have Suffered Hair Loss

Hair extensions have gained popularity around the world, especially amongst celebrities. They rock different hairdos with extensions, one after another. While they appear glamorous and beautiful, constantly wearing hair extensions comes at a cost. 

Hair extensions/ weaves have damaged the hair of several celebrities, which has led to hair loss. It gets worse when the persisting use of these extensions causes permanent bald spots due to traction alopecia. 

Just as you may have heard of celebrities trying to look better by losing some weight, or the extreme lengths they go to look good in public, others are fighting hair loss. The following celebrities have suffered from hair loss due to wearing hair extensions.


Fergie, in the music industry, faced her own share of hair loss but managed to recover and save the situation. Due to tight hair extensions, her hair started thinning out. This did not exactly get to her and she would still get out and face the public. She is one of the few celebrities who did not try to cover up her situation. Luckily, for her, this appeared to be a short-lived situation. Over time, her hair was back to normal with a definite hairline.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell revolutionized the modeling industry, especially for women of color. While wearing hair extensions made her look fierce (in the most complimentary way), and allowed her to model different looks and styles on the run, overuse of the hair extensions came back to haunt her. 

Most of her adult life, Naomi has relied on extensions but she currently cannot rock them like she used to because it did not only lead to hair loss but she is also fighting baldness. These days her hairline is practically non-existent. She still looks fabulous in wigs but there is no telling if there is any hope for her natural hair.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes damaged her hair from constantly wearing extensions. Hair extensions caused Amanda’s hair to thin throughout her head, eventually making the extensions visible because her hair was so thin. 

She was photographed in New York out shopping for a hat after complaining on Twitter about the state extensions left her hair in. At some point, she shaved her hair and start wearing wigs. We hope her damage isn’t permanent and that her hair can recover given a long break from extensions.

Kim Kardashian

Kim K is an international star with her beautiful looks, which is how she makes a living. While you may envy her lifestyle, you might have noticed a few balding spots and her thinning hair. The extreme pressure on hair and scalp has caused this from her constant use of weaves. I guess the pressure of constantly having to look beautiful in public is beginning to take its toll on her hair.

 Katie Price

Katie is known for not only enhancing her body, but she’s also known to be a chronic user of hair extensions. She even goes as far as to fly to Los Angeles to have them specially fitted. While she is probably happy with the cosmetic changes she’s made to her body, her hair extensions have let her down. 

Not only is she fighting rapid hair loss but facing baldness as well. Her natural hair is in a bad state but she loves her extensions. She wore wigs for some time but eventually returned to her beloved hair extensions.

Brandy Norwood

Hair extension-related hair loss is not something that happens overnight. Who can forget when Brandy released her first album in 1998 then went on to star in Moesha. Her signature look in those days was braided which made her look cute and like the girl next door we all loved. 

These braids with extensions eventually caused her hairline severe damage. This form of hair loss from tight braids and extensions is called traction alopecia and can become permanent. Her hairline disappeared and Brandy took to wearing lace wigs even while she appeared as a judge on Britain’s got talent. We hope she is giving her hairline a break and trying to grow it back.

Amy Winehouse

Amy blew us away with her outstanding voice. It is impossible to think of Amy without thinking of her Bee Hive. To achieve this look Amy constantly wore hair extensions. The incessant use of extensions eventually caused thinning, a very common issue with women who don’t take breaks between extension applications.

Britney Spears

Britney is probably one of the celebrities who had it really bad with hair loss from wearing extensions for too long. Her hair became so thin that it wasn’t hard for photographers to get pictures of her with her extension attachments clearly visible. 

She eventually shaved her head and relied on wigs for a while after which she went back to wearing extensions. Let’s hope she doesn’t make the same hair mistakes again.

Rihanna Fenty

Ri has been noted to wear wigs on several occasions as well as cut her hair. Rihanna shaved off one side of her head after rocking short hair for a while. While her hair grew back she wore wigs for a while, before going back to wearing hair extensions. 

As a result of wearing her hair extensions over long periods without a break in between applications, hair thinning and hair loss was inevitable. If you look closely at her hairline you will notice thinning. People like Rihanna can avoid hair loss if they give their hair a break and allow the scalp and hair follicles to recover.

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca left Geordie shore after season 3 but she has made this list because of the obvious damage wearing hair extensions did to her hair. They not only damaged her hairline, but they also caused overall thinning and her extension attachments were often visible on camera.

Like the other celebrities mentioned, people like Rebecca wear extensions to make their hair look thicker. The problem starts when they get used to having this thicker hair so continuously wear extensions. 

The extensions cause thinning and in turn, they wear even more extensions to make up for it. This carries on until the thinning turns into hair loss, which left untreated becomes permanent.

Whilst hair extensions have transformed celebrities from drab to fab, the long term impact has not been anything any of us would envy. Extensions put a strain on your scalp and hair follicles and should be only worn occasionally. 

The best sort of extensions to wear are non-permanent ones like clip-ins. And even then they should only be worn on nights out and special occasions. It is best to make sure they are not clipped in too tight and always take them out afterward.

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